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Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

Ratio Eight Coffee Maker


Beauty. Simplicity. Quality.

For so long, when selecting a coffee solution for the home, customers had to choose either a complex
brewing method (quality over simplicity) or an overly simplistic one (convenience over quality). And
none of them were beautiful. Which was the impetus for Ratio: to create a solution that married beauty, simplicity, and quality into a single experience. We didn’t want to believe you had to sacrifce one for the other.

The Ratio Eight balances style and performance, transitioning the precision of pour-over into a simple,
elegant one touch ritual.

To emulate a manual pour over, Ratio Eight frst distributes hot water. The grounds are allowed to breathe into full bloom, aiding in extracting the full potential of flavor.

Sensors automatically determine the optimal brewing time based on the water level.
Ratio Eight keeps the water near 94° C, the ideal temperature for great coffee.

While brewing, the Ratio Eight showerhead uniformly pours over the grounds. When fnished, the soft white LED lights will indicate that it’s time to pour your coffee.
— Brews up to 1.25 liters
— 5 year warranty
— Powerful 1600 Watt/220 Volt heating element
— Dimensions: 34cm deep x 23cm wide by 36cm tall
— Cantilevered top and base made of aerospace-grade die cast aluminum with a satin metallic fnish
— Laboratory grade borosilicate water lines and carafe
— BPA-free copolymer water tank
— Solid wood arm trim
— Carafe holds Chemex paper flters or Able Kone stainless steel flter
— Hand assembled in Portland, Oregon of custom American and imported components.

Colors and wood finish
We deliver any combination of base color and wood finish if on stock. Be aware, that we do not show the chosen wood finish in the picture.

Ratio Eight Colour Choice

Ratio Arm Trim Wood Choice

Additional information

Ratio Eight Colour Choice


Black, Bright Silver, Dark Cobalt, Oyster, White

Ratio Arm Trim Wood Choice


Ebony, Mahogany, Parawood, Walnut


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