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Orphan Espresso Pharos 2.0 Manual Coffee Grinder

Orphan Espresso Pharos 2.0 Manual Coffee Grinder


Pharos 2.0 - the Original, Modern Era Titan Class Manual Coffee Grinder, designed by Orphan Espresso - the Hand Grinder People!

The OE PHAROS 2.0 Manual Coffee Grinder features:

68mm Italian made conical commercial steel grinding burr set
Top and bottom replaceable bronze axle bearings
Stepless top adjustment made simply and repeatably by use of a Stainless Steel split shaft collar, mounted on the fine threaded axle. The collar is tightened in place with a socket head cap screw, hex key is included.
Large ergonomic soft revolving handle knob
Rubber "popper stopper" top hole cover to seal top hopper when grinding and top "bean ring" which acts as a functional top bean funnel
Integral Rubber base counter pad.
Easy burr cleaning.
Built to last ...the assembly plates AND bolt covers are anodized aluminum.
The axle, handle, top cap cover, catch cup, and split collar are all stainless steel.
Upper hopper chamber is clear PETG plastic.
All assembly bolts are steel.
6.5" diameter body, 8" tall
Weighs almost 5lb (2.4 kg) including the counter pad
Designed in USA, manufactured in Taiwan

The PHAROS is a very aggressive hand mill. Speeds as low as 1 gram per turn the espresso range with slightly slower grinding on coarser settings.

The PHAROS 2.0 is an updated design with an indexing system on the top plate to reference during grind adjustment, a pointer on the split collar helps with this! It also has a removable catch cup directly below the burr, held in place during grinding with a spring plate. If desired, an espresso filter basket, and OE dosing funnel (sold separately) may be used instead of the catch cup. The most important engineering advancement is that the grinding mechanism is now completely incorporated in the top two plates of the machine, factory aligned & set, and is now independent of the frame of the machine.

The OE PHAROS comes with full instructions.

We advice to order also the Pharos bench dogs for solid mounting the grinder. At least two bench dogs is recommended and three wil have the Pharos rock solid on your bench.

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