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Orphan Espresso Lido E Manual Coffee Grinder

Orphan Espresso Lido E Manual Coffee Grinder


The new OE Lido E Manual Coffee Grinder is designed Especially for Espresso. It weighs about 1000 grams and it features an enhanced bearing system to deliver the grind consistency required for espresso & Turkish coffee. The grind setting mechanism is based on an extremely fine thread adjustment stack which allows very small particle size changes to be made easily and repeatably. All of the metal body components are EPD coated aluminum, allowing for a weight similar to the Lido 3 travel grinder. The Portafilter Dosing Tool round out the Espresso centric design of the OE Lido E Manual Coffee Grinder.
The Lido E grinder is full size and full featured, it includes:
- RTP Anti-Static plastic catch jar
- Counter stand and ConeTop Dosing Funnel
- Satin Finish
- Fine Adjustment ring threading
- Large Bean Hopper
- Bronze Axle Bearings
- Stepless Adjustment
- Same burrs as Baratza Preciso, made by Etzinger, Ltd, Switzerland.
- Santoprene Rubber Base
- Ball Driver Tool and cleaning brush
The Lido E was designed specifically for coffee enthusiasts who intend to use the grinder mostly for espresso or finer grinding levels. It is a full range grinder. Some users may find the fine thread resolution challenging in the coarse range. If that is what you are looking for, we invite you to also check the Lido 3, wich is intended mostly for all other brewing methods.

The colour of the shiny parts differs a bit from the photos. In the newest series it is more grey than chrome.

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