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Kruve Sifter

Kruve Sifter

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Perfecting grinders is hard. What if you could refine and perfect the grind.

The Kruve coffee sifting system allows you to achieve a better uniformity in grindsize cheaply and easily.

A set is comprised of 2, 6 or 12 screens. This way you can 'filter' your grinds to achieve the optimal particle range for your brew.

Using it is simple. Select 2 screen sizes and put them in place. Grind your coffee in your favorite grinder, add them to the Kruve and get sifting. After 2 minutes you are left with a dose within your selected range.

Whether you are eliminating fines, boulders or just want to experiment,  the results are easy to achieve.


Kruve Sifting system
2, 6 or 12 stainless steel screens



Additional information

Available sizes

12 sieves, 2 sieves, 6 sieves


Black, Red, Silver


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