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“We have been playing with different coffees and filters, but this dripper is revolutionary in shape and design. The lack of wall contact with the Altoair ensures that the water runs faster and gives thus more control over the extraction. The water cools during extraction, slightly faster than in other drippers so there is less bitters extracted. They are real eye catchers on your bar which is great when performing your pour over to an audience”

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"Pour over brewing can yield amazing results, but many people find the filter papers stick to the walls of the brewer and block up. This makes it impossible to control the flow rate and results in inconsistent extraction.

So we removed the walls altogether, supporting the filter with minimal structure and surrounding it with air. The unique design of AltoAir™ means flow is unrestricted. This gives you consistent extraction every time.

AltoAir™ is made from 100% stainless steel, is dishwasher safe and compatible with cone shaped filters.

Use straight onto a cup or with your favourite brewing carafe to enjoy consistent and unhindered coffee extraction every time.

AltoAir is not designed to be collapsed or to pop-up. This should not be attempted as it will cause damage."

- Bairro Alto, UK -

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