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Aergrind Coffee Grinder – Made by Knock

Aergrind Coffee Grinder – Made by Knock


The Aergrind is a travel coffee grinder from Made by Knock. It’s  compatible for all brew methods , with unparalleled grind consistency, speed & value.

This grinder’s specially hardened black steel burrs (same as the Feldgrind) run on food-grade bearings making it exceptionally durable, good for hundreds of kilograms of coffee and years of trouble free consistent grinding. And, most importantly, consistently delicious coffee!

Also, it is designed to fit inside the Aeropress (tm).

  • Burrs: 38mm (nerost burrset – case hardened ceramic steel)
  • Capacity: approx 24 grams (depending on roast profile)
  • Weight: 330 grams
  • Material: black anodized aluminium
  • Grind adjustments: stepless numbered dumb wheel
  • Grind settings: Turkish/Espresso – French Press, so everything!

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